Living in an exotic/hardwood house you will feel part of nature with the wide range of textures, colors and aromas of the woods.

You will immediately feel a sense of warmth, comfort and well-being.

An exotic/hardwood house improves the quality of life of those in it.

Wood is a renewable material in nature and contributes decisively to the ecological balance.

It is a naturally breathable material, which absorbs excess moisture and releases it when dry. And due to the impermeability of wood to cosmic and telluric radiation, wooden buildings contribute to human health.

As a thermal insulator, wood prevents the entry of heat from the outside in hot periods and keeps the interior warm in cold periods.

As a sound insulator, its performance is so good that it is widely used in the construction of auditoriums, theaters and musical instruments.



Well designed, an exotic/hardwood house is built to last for hundreds of years, like the old half-timbered houses in France.

The exotic wood is excellent in all aspects. It has a high mechanical resistance compared to their weight, both to the tensile forces as to the compression, in addition to the tensile strength for bending. It features resistance to shock and dynamic loads, absorbing impacts that could not be absorbed by other materials. And it has easy workability.

In addition, the exotic wood species that we use are naturally rot-proof, resistant to rot and/or xylophagous organisms (termites, fungi and others) .

Regarding to fire, exotic wood, due to its thermal insulation characteristics, even when exposed to temperatures above 500 ° C, it does not lose its mechanical strength as quickly as metal structures, the loss of which begins every 10 minutes.

It also has the ability to retain heat longer than concrete walls, for example. An exotic / red wood wall only 2cm thick takes about 20 minutes to burn and if it is 3.5cm thick it will take 60 minutes, enough time to contain the fire or evacuate people inside.

As for cyclones or earthquakes events, experiences in regions exposed to these events has shown that exotic wood buildings can bend under strong winds or earthquakes, but they do not collapse and crack, like concrete houses, for example.

After the cataclysm, an exotic wooden house can be salvaged and even reassembled, while those built with other materials must be demolished.

Therefore, it is very important that the project of a hardwood house is planned by a specific professional qualified in hardwood constructions and know about the technical properties of exotic woods.



Our construction system - whether the built-in parts system or the wood frame system, delivered pre-assembled - offers great advantages over concrete constructions.

In our construction system, all the parts are prefabricated in our factory and arrive at the site ready to be applied.

Each of the pieces is pre-cut, numbered, measured, calibrated and represented on an architectural plan with the precise location where it need to be placed.

There is no wasted material, dirt or debris.

The speed of our construction system greatly reduces the time of the construction.

The assembly is quick, easy and hassle-free, because you just need to follow the assembly instructions of the architectural plan. Only 3 or 4 people are needed to build the house.

The speed, both in the manufacture of parts at the factory, as in the assembly of the house, translates into a great saving of money and time.


The construction time of a hardwood house is much shorter than that of the conventional masonry system, which translates into reduced labor costs.

Cost management is also very precise and error free.

There will also be savings in the foundation of the house because wooden houses are lighter and there will be less consumption of materials for the foundation.