Prefabricated Wooden Houses

Some factors must be considered when making the decision to build your house.

Beauty with sustainability. Do you want to contribute to the sustainability of the planet?


Since the beginning of human existence, wood is one of the most beautiful and important materials that nature has made available to the human being.


In these times of justified concern about the sustainability of the planet, unlike what many people think, maximize the use of wood is an environmentally friendly attitude. Of course we are talking of logging when associated with forest management, or in the case of native or planted forests (reforestation).


Wood is a renewable material in nature and participates decisively ecological balance. It improves air quality by carbon sequestration when their development, fixed carbon dioxide, release oxygen through photosynthesis and maintaining biodiversity when operated within a forest management system.


Wood is one of the few materials that can be reused without needing to be recycled, which means it will not expend energy for reuse. If recycling is good, reuse is much better.


Speaking of energy expenditure for production, did you know that energy demand for cement production is 21 times greater than that of wood? According to Miotto, for timber production expenditure is only 600 MJ/m³, while for the concrete is 1.920 MJ/m³ and for steel 234,000 MJ/m³.


Live in a wooden house is to feel integrated with nature, the huge range of textures, colors and aromas of the woods.


Consider this our call for sustainability, maximize the use of wood in your project.

Economy, speed of construction, low use of manpower and without waste.



The speed, both in the manufacture of prefabricated pieces of wood as the assembly of the house, translates into savings. The time for the construction of a wooden house is much smaller than the conventional masonry system which means savings manpower.


The brickwork is a very small-scale construction system, the structure being made on the same site and the walls raised brick by brick. In building system with prefabricated parts they already reach the pre-cut site, ready to be applied. With only 3 or 4 people riding a home. There is no waste. There is no dirt, debris. No work mounting alone.


Also in the foundation of the house there will be savings because the wooden houses are lighter and there will be less material consumption in the foundation.

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Durability, comfort and safety.



Wood is an excellent building material in all its aspects.


Has high mechanical strength relative to their weight, both tensile stresses as compression, and bending tensile strength.


It has resistance to shock and dynamic loads absorbing impacts which could not be absorbed by other materials. It has easy workability, good sound absorption and good thermal insulation for both cold and hot regions.

A wooden building may last hundreds of years. Everything will depend, first, of the project. When defining a project with wood, it is necessary that architects and engineers involved are fully aware of the properties of each kind of wood that will be used, what is the most appropriate, considering factors such as the location of the building and biological agents that construction will be exposed. This is essential to prevent further deterioration caused by inclement weather and the fungi and insect attack.


There are many construction details that provide protection to the pieces. You must respect the limitations of the material and adequately specify the kind of wood for each use, as some species are more naturally resistant to degrading bio agents (rot) and/or wood-destroying organisms (fungi, termites, ...). So it is very important that the project be done by trained and qualified personnel in wood construction.


Preventive maintenance is another very important factor. It is recommended to apply waterrepelent and/or varnish every 2 years, treatment with anti-termite, etc.


About the safety of a wooden house, is enough to mention the fact that in regions subject to earthquakes and hurricanes (as in the Caribbean, for example, where export many of our products), the preference is for wooden buildings, especially for safety reasons. A wooden house can buckle under the action of strong winds or earthquakes, but does not collapse and not crack as other materials. After the cataclysm, a wooden house can be retrieved and even reassembled, while made of other materials often need to be demolished.

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