Your House, Step by Step

Descriptive Memorandum

As our houses are manufactured under design, parts of the dimensions and specifications depend on what is specified in the project.


Structure (pillars, intermediate columns, walls, upper and lower braces, braces):

The more parts directly exposed to the elements in hardwood of high density and / or moisture resistance.


Roof (scissors, Gables, parapets, eaves, gables, Tuesday, rafters, battens, etc.):

Wood is specified according to their properties, due to the need of each piece. The ceiling is paneled with male & female type fittings.


Frames (external doors, windows, overhead and their frames):

All hardwood of high/medium density. Inside doors in average wood/high density, but always solid wood.


Floors (floors, decks, tacos stairs, railings, gates, etc..):

Hardwood of high/medium density, depending on application.


Accessories and Furniture (serving hatch, bar boards, countertops, cabinets, benches, tables, chairs, etc.):

Both internal and external area. Our furniture is rustic or contemporary style, solid wood - demolition wood, native or reforestation.


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Construction System


The construction system of our houses is based on prefabricated parts, all machined in accordance with a design and grooves mounted on the system.


Basically, columns and braces are installed in the structure, then the walls and frames for doors and windows are fitted. There is no use of nails, only a few screws. The component parts of the roof are also manufactured according to the project. The houses are delivered with the assembly plants of all parts (individual plants assembly of the pillars, braces, walls, beams, etc.). It is a very fast, efficient, accurate and economic system.


Provides a very fast installation because all the parts arrive at the construction site in the exact measures that will be applied. No execution of works on site, only assembly. This results in maximum economy because there is no waste, no waste, no mess. The assembly also requires very little labor. With only 3 or 4 people can assemble a house.



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Step by Step


Step 1 - Setting a project for establishing the budget - It is important to note that our budget is not done per square (feet) meter, but the quantity and type of the material used:


1.1 - If the client already has design, we need to send us images of plans, sections and perspectives;

1.2 - If the customer does not have a project, we will need the following information:

1.2.1 - width, length and topography, sun position, the winds and prevailing rainfall and ground photos;

1.2.2 - Purpose of building: House; Leisure (beach house, field, mountain); trade; Other (please specify);

1.2.3 - sketches or simple design, with the distribution of dependencies and approximate dimensions and the placement of doors and windows.


Step 2 - Commercial Proposal - Where shall include the price, payment terms, deadlines and responsibilities.


Step 3 - Contracts - Contract signature and payment of the 1st installment.


Step 4 - Presentation of final plans for analysis/customer approval - After approval, sending the descriptive memorandum with the technical specifications and list of parts that make up the kit.


Step 5 - Manufacture and delivery of the kit - usually 60 to 90 days depending on the size and/or complexity of the project.


Step 6 - Assembling the kit - The assembling of the kit is the customer's responsibility but, depending on the location, we can manage it.

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