About Us

About Us

We are a timber industry with eighteen years of flooring exportation to five continents.

​​We are pioneers in the use of Teak (Tectona grandis), hardwood originally from Asian, which has been planted with great success, in Brazil (Para State).

Our industrial park is located about 22 km from the center of Bethlehem (capital of Para). Our industrial structure is composed of approximately 3,200 m² of warehouses with metal frame, with greenhouses for drying wood and all the necessary machinery for the wood processing, including specialized machinery for the manufacture of structural parts of prefabricated buildings and row machines for joinery.


We seek to develop a sustainable economy for the Amazon region, in particular, with better use of wood and its waste, and adding value to what is produced here. 

Our Values

Environmental and social responsibility


Respect for our employees and the society where we operate.


Quality, pioneering and tradition in the art of wood work


Our artisans and cabinetmakers are committed not only to quality of the products we manufacture, but also to the best possible use of resources that the nature puts at our disposal.


Fair trade, honest price

We believe in fair trade. The prices we establish for our products take into account, besides the necessary financial return that every enterprise needs a fair price for our client.

All raw material we use in our products comes from reforestation areas or sustainable forest management projects.

Respect for nature and commitment to the sus-tainability of the planet we inhabit.

Muiraquitã, our totem, an Amazonian legend.


Amid the charms of the Amazon forest, there was a tribe of women warriors, the Icamaibas, who did not marry and did not let anyone get close.


Once a year, received the Guacaris warriors. On the day of the visit, dipped in purified water of a lake, where withdrew a green clay, which then take the form of fish, turtles, frogs...


Warriors were presented with the toads, which by their originality, have been used as lucky charms, happiness and love.


Even today, it is believed that the Muiraquitã brings much luck, happiness and love to the wearer as an amulet, especially when presented by a woman.

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